Beispiel #1
def _get_hetcallers(items):
    out = set([])
    for d in items:
        hetcaller = dd.get_hetcaller(d)
        if hetcaller:
            out = out.union(set(hetcaller))
    return sorted(list(out))
Beispiel #2
def _ready_for_het_analysis(items):
    """Check if a sample has input information for heterogeneity analysis.

    We currently require a tumor/normal sample containing both CNV and variant calls.
    paired = vcfutils.get_paired_bams([dd.get_align_bam(d) for d in items], items)
    has_het = any(dd.get_hetcaller(d) for d in items)
    if has_het and paired:
        return _get_variants(paired.tumor_data) and _get_calls(paired.tumor_data, cnv_only=True)