Example #1
    def getById( self, id ):
        """returns an object from the index which id corresponds to the one
            which is specified.

        if id not in self.__allowedIdxs:
            raise MaKaCError( _("Unknown index: %s")%id)
        Idx = self._getIdx()
        if id in Idx:
            return Idx[id]
            if id=="email":
                Idx[str(id)] = EmailIndex()
            elif id=="name":
                Idx[str(id)] = NameIndex()
            elif id=="surName":
                Idx[str(id)] = SurNameIndex()
            elif id=="organisation":
                Idx[str(id)] = OrganisationIndex()
            elif id=="status":
                Idx[str(id)] = StatusIndex()
            elif id=="group":
                Idx[str(id)] = GroupIndex()
            elif id=="calendar":
                Idx[str(id)] = CalendarIndex()
            elif id=="category":
                Idx[str(id)] = CategoryIndex()
            elif id=="categoryDate":
                Idx[str(id)] = CategoryDayIndex()
            elif id=="categoryDateAll":
                Idx[str(id)] = CategoryDayIndex(visibility=False)
            elif id=="categoryName":
                Idx[str(id)] = TextIndex()
            elif id=="conferenceTitle":
                Idx[str(id)] = TextIndex()
            elif id=="pendingSubmitters":
                Idx[str(id)] = PendingSubmittersIndex()
            elif id=="pendingConfSubmitters":
                Idx[str(id)] = PendingConfSubmittersIndex()
            elif id=="pendingSubmittersTasks":
                Idx[str(id)] = PendingSubmittersTasksIndex()
            elif id=="pendingConfSubmittersTasks":
                Idx[str(id)] = PendingConfSubmittersTasksIndex()
            elif id=="pendingConfManagers":
                Idx[str(id)] = PendingConfManagersIndex()
            elif id=="pendingConfManagersTasks":
                Idx[str(id)] = PendingConfManagersTasksIndex()
            elif id=="pendingManagers":
                Idx[str(id)] = PendingManagersIndex()
            elif id=="pendingManagersTasks":
                Idx[str(id)] = PendingManagersTasksIndex()
            elif id=="pendingCoordinators":
                Idx[str(id)] = PendingManagersIndex()
            elif id=="pendingCoordinatorsTasks":
                Idx[str(id)] = PendingManagersTasksIndex()
                extension_point("indexHolderProvider", Idx, id)
            return Idx[str(id)]
Example #2
    def _iterIndexes(cls):
        for t in cls._indexMap.iteritems():
            yield t

        # ask plugins for their indexes
        for lcomp in extension_point('catalogIndexProvider'):
            for t in lcomp:
                yield t
Example #3
 def _get_idx_class(cls, index_name):
     if index_name in cls._indexMap:
         return cls._indexMap[index_name]
         # ask plugins for their indexes
         for lcomp in extension_point('catalogIndexProvider'):
             for t in lcomp:
                 if index_name in t:
                     return t[1]
     return None
Example #4
 def _buildRegister(self):
     Static mapping attributes for plugin implementations in register.
     Append lines to add further implementations.
     self._registeredImplementations =  dict((key, value) for (key, value) in extension_point("getPluginImplementation"))