Example #1
 def prompt_eula(self):
     os.system('cls' if os.name == 'nt' else 'clear')
     notice = '_____________________________________________________________________________\n'
     notice += '|                 ATTENTION!!! ATTENTION!!! ATTENTION!!!                    |\n'
     notice += '|                       ' + globals.vars.appname + ' v' + globals.vars.version + '                            |\n'
     notice += '|___________________________________________________________________________|\n'
     notice += '|This program contains live and dangerous malware files                     |\n'
     notice += '|This program is intended to be used only for malware analysis and research |\n'
     notice += '|and by agreeing the EULA you agree to only use it for legal purposes and   |\n'
     notice += '|studying malware.                                                          |\n'
     notice += '|You understand that these file are dangerous and should only be run on VMs |\n'
     notice += '|you can control and know how to handle. Running them on a live system will |\n'
     notice += '|infect you machines will live and dangerous malwares!.                     |\n'
     notice += '|___________________________________________________________________________|\n'
     print red(notice)
     eula_answer = raw_input(
         'Type YES in captial letters to accept this EULA.\n > ')
     if eula_answer == 'YES':
         new = open(globals.vars.eula_file, 'a')
         print 'You need to accept the EULA.\nExiting the program.'