Example #1
def from_ctypes_type(cty, ctypes_value=None):
    Convert a ctypes type to a flypy type.

    Supported are structs, unit types (int/float)
    if hashable(cty) and cty in ctypes_map:
        return ctypes_map[cty]
    elif cty is ctypes.c_void_p or cty is ctypes.py_object:
        return coretypes.Pointer[coretypes.void]
    elif is_ctypes_array_type(cty):
        return arrayobject.Array[from_ctypes_type(cty._type_), cty._length_]
    elif is_ctypes_pointer_type(cty):
        return coretypes.Pointer[from_ctypes_type(cty._type_)]
    elif is_ctypes_struct_type(cty):
        fields = [(name, from_ctypes_type(field_type))
                      for name, field_type in cty._fields_]
        fields = fields or [('dummy', coretypes.int8)]
        return coretypes.struct_(fields)
    elif is_ctypes_function_type(cty):
        # from_ctypes_type(cty._restype_) # <- this value is arbitrary,
        # it's always a c_int
        restype = from_ctypes_type(ctypes_value.restype)
        argtypes = tuple(from_ctypes_type(argty) for argty in ctypes_value.argtypes)
        return coretypes.ForeignFunction[argtypes + (restype,)]
        raise NotImplementedError(cty)
Example #2
 def __getattr__(self, attr):
     result = getattr(self.val, attr)
     cty = type(result)
     if is_ctypes_pointer_type(cty) or is_ctypes_struct_type(cty):
         result = CTypesStruct(result)
     return result
Example #3
 def __init__(self, ctypes_val):
     if is_ctypes_pointer_type(type(ctypes_val)):
         ctypes_val = ctypes_val[0]
     self.val = ctypes_val