def EnqueueThread(it, q=None, name="enqueue", start=True, enqueue=enqueue, **kwargs):
    """Starts a thread which enqueues the values of the iterable `it`.

    If a queue is not passed, a new one is created.

    A reference to the queue is stored as the property `q`
      of the returned thread.

    The thread will be started unless `start` is false.

    This is ideal for processing generators
      and other iterables which lazily process I/O-bound operations.

    Passing the return value of a `dequeue` call will have the effect
      of creating a processing thread which pulls from and pushes to
      thread-safe data structures.

    Additional keyword arguments are passed on to `enqueue`.
    from threading import Thread

    if q is None:
        q = CloseableQueue()
    thread = Thread(name=name, target=enqueue, args=(it, q), kwargs=kwargs)
    thread.q = q
    if start:
    return thread