def get_paper_status(bibref):
    Finds an returns the status of a bibrec to person assignment

    @param bibref: the bibref-bibrec pair that unambiguously identifies a paper
    @type bibref: string
    db_data = dbapi.get_papers_status(bibref)
    status = None

        status = db_data[0][2]
    except IndexError:
        status = -10

    status = wash_integer_id(status)

    return status
def get_person_id_from_paper(bibref=None):
    Returns the id of the person who wrote the paper

    @param bibref: the bibref,bibrec pair that identifies the person
    @type bibref: str

    @return: the person id
    @rtype: int
    if not is_valid_bibref(bibref):
        return -1

    person_id = -1
    db_data = dbapi.get_papers_status(bibref)

        person_id = db_data[0][1]
    except (IndexError):

    return person_id