def get_lobject(self, session=None, mode=None):
        """Return an open file bounded to the represented large
        object. This is a context manager, so it should be used with
        the `with' clause this way:

          with fsobject.get_lobject() as lo:

        session (session object): the session to use, or None to use
                                  the one associated with the FSObject.
        mode (string): how to open the file (r -> read, w -> write,
                       b -> binary). If None, use `rb'.

        if mode is None:
            mode = 'rb'
        if session is None:
            session = self.sa_session

        # Here we relay on the fact that we're using psycopg2 as
        # PostgreSQL backend
        lo = lobject(session.connection().connection.connection, self.loid)

        if self.loid == 0:
            self.loid = lo.oid

            yield lo
Exemple #2
    def check_lobject(self):
        """Check that the referenced large object is actually
        available in the database.

            lo = lobject(self.sa_session.connection().connection.connection, self.loid)
            return True
        except OperationalError:
            return False