'if (os.path.exists(os.path.join(PROJECT_ROOT_DIRECTORY',
                    "    os.putenv('PYTHONPATH', PROJECT_ROOT_DIRECTORY) # for subprocesses",
        except templatetools.CantUpdateFile, e:
            print _("WARNING: can't update your project to support /opt. This doesn't matter if you don't plan to submit your project to the application review board. Cause is: %s" % e)

### 11.09 update (but only through 11.10; later versions don't want this change)
if project_version < '11.09' and template_version <= '11.10':
    filename = './%s_lib/Builder.py' % python_name
        with open(filename) as fileobj:
            contents = fileobj.read()
        contents = contents.replace('from gi.repository import GObject', 'import gobject')
        contents = contents.replace('GObject.', 'gobject.')
        templatetools.set_file_contents(filename, contents)
    except IOError:

### This is where we upgraded the default projects to GTK3, PyGI, and GSettings.
### Warn the user that this happened and they should upgrade manually to fix.
if project_version and project_version < '11.12' and internal_run:
    print _("""WARNING: Your project is out of date.  Newly created projects use
GTK+ 3, PyGI, and GSettings.  See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Quickly/GTK3 for
porting information and when you have finished porting your code, run
'quickly upgrade' to get rid of this message.""")

templatetools.update_version_in_project_file(template_version, 'git-python-gtk')