def test_edit_selected_containers_provider():
    '''Testing Configuration -> Edit... button functionality
        In Providers summary page - click configuration
        menu and select "Edit this containers provider"
    Expected result:
        The user should be navigated to the container's basic information page.'''
    name = select_first_provider_and_get_its_name()
    provider = ContainersProvider(name)
    navigate_to(provider, 'EditFromDetails')
    assert 'Edit Containers Providers \'{}\''.format(name) == breadcrumbs_names()[-1]
Esempio n. 2
 def _on_detail_page(self):
     """ Returns ``True`` if on the providers detail page, ``False`` if not."""
     if not self.string_name:
         # No point in doing that since it is probably being called from badly configured class
         # And since it is badly configured, let's notify the user.
             'Hey, _on_details_page called from {} class which does not have string_name set'
         return False
     collection = '{} Providers'.format(self.string_name)
     title = '{} (Summary)'.format(
     return breadcrumbs_names() == [collection, title] and summary_title() == title