def scrape_student_office(url=STUDENT_OFFICE_URL):
    """Get info about the student service office"""

    soup = utils.get_soup_from_url(url)
    area = soup.find(text='AREA SCIENTIFICA').parent.parent.find_next_sibling()
    address, phone, email, hours = area.find_all(class_='address_table_description')
    return { 'indirizzo': address.text,
             'telefono': phone.text,
             'e-mail': email.text,
             'orari': hours.text.strip().replace('13', '13, ') }
def scrape_professors(url=PROFESSORS_URL):
    """Get information about professors"""

    scraped_professors = []
    soup = utils.get_soup_from_url(url)
    professor_names = soup.find("table").find_all(colspan='2')
    for name_cell in professor_names:
        name, phone, email, courses, _ = name_cell.parent.find_all('td')
            "nome": name.text or "non disponibile",
            "telefono": phone_cleanup(phone.text) or "non disponibile",
            "e-mail": email_soup_cleanup(email) or "non disponibile",
            "corsi": courses_cleanup(courses.text) or "non disponibile",
    return scraped_professors
def scrape_adsu(url=ADSU_URL):
    """Get information about the adsu in a crazy way due to their bitching page made like shit"""

    soup = utils.get_soup_from_url(url).find(id="AutoNumber5")
    info = soup.text.replace("  ", "").replace("\t", "").replace("\r", "").replace("\n\n", "")
    return {"info": info}