Esempio n. 1
    def _bind_port(self, port_id, zone, instance, pci_request_id):
        """Populate gluon binding:profile.

        Populate it with SR-IOV related information
        """'In _bind_port')'binding port %s' % port_id)
        pci_profile = None
        if pci_request_id:
            pci_dev = pci_manager.get_instance_pci_devs(
                instance, pci_request_id).pop()
            devspec = pci_whitelist.get_pci_device_devspec(pci_dev)
            pci_profile = {'pci_vendor_info': "%s:%s" % (pci_dev.vendor_id,
                           'pci_slot': pci_dev.address,

        # These are used by Neutron extensions and could be used by other
        # things...
        flavor = instance.get_flavor()
        rxtx_factor = flavor.get('rxtx_factor')

        host = instance.get('host')

        self.client.bind(port_id, zone, instance.uuid, host, pci_profile=pci_profile, rxtx_factor=rxtx_factor)
Esempio n. 2
    def _create_pool_keys_from_dev(self, dev):
        """create a stats pool dict that this dev is supposed to be part of

        Note that this pool dict contains the stats pool's keys and their
        values. 'count' and 'devices' are not included.
        # Don't add a device that doesn't have a matching device spec.
        # This can happen during initial sync up with the controller
        devspec = whitelist.get_pci_device_devspec(dev)
        if not devspec:
        tags = devspec.get_tags()
        pool = {k: getattr(dev, k) for k in self.pool_keys}
        if tags:
        return pool