Exemplo n.º 1
 def delPost(self, request):
      """Update & return user profile."""
      return message_types.VoidMessage()
Exemplo n.º 2
def deleteClub(request):
    # Steps to be incorporated for deletion of a club
    # 1) Remove the club key from the clubsJoined list of every profile
    # 2) Remove the club key from the follows list of every profile
    # 3) Remove the club key from the admin list of everyprofile
    # 4) Remove from college group list
    # 5) Remove notifications that have the club id = given club id
    # 6)Remove Join Creations and Join Requests
    # Call deleteEvent and deletePost for all events and posts that belong to the club
    # Delete the club entity

    club_key_id = request.club_id
    pid = request.pid
    print("Club_key_id", club_key_id)
    clubKey = ndb.Key("Club", int(request.club_id))
    pidKey = ndb.Key("Profile", int(request.pid))
    profileconsidered = pidKey.get()
    club = clubKey.get()
    print("Club to be removed", club)
    # Check if the club's collegeId and Profile's collegeId are the same

    print("club.coolegeId", club.collegeId)
    print("profileconsidered.collegeId", profileconsidered.collegeId)
    if club.collegeId == profileconsidered.collegeId:

        # check if the profile is the admin of the club or if he is the super admin of the college
        print("entered first part")
        print("Club.admin", club.admin)
        print("pidKey", pidKey)

        if club.admin == pidKey or club.collegeId in profileconsidered.superadmin:

            # Operation 1 : for every profile key in member list of club, extract profile and remove the club
            # from the clubsJoined list
            print("Ive Entered Corrctly")
            for profile_key in club.members:
                profile = profile_key.get()
            # Operation 2 : for every profile key in follows list of club, extract profile and remove the club
            # from the follows list of Profile
            for profile_key in club.follows:
                profile = profile_key.get()

            # Operation 3 : Get the profile of the admin and remove the club key from his admin list
            adminProfile = club.admin.get()
            # Operation 4 : Get the college and remove the club key from his grouplist
            college = club.collegeId.get()
            # Operation 5 : Get all notifications where it matches with clubKey and remove them

            notificationsRet = Notifications.query(Notifications.clubId == clubKey)
            for notif in notificationsRet:

            # Operation 6 : Get all JoinCreations and JoinRequests where it matches with clubKey and remove them

            joinCreationRet = Join_Creation.query(Join_Creation.club_id == clubKey)
            for jc in joinCreationRet:

            joinReqRet = Join_Request.query(Join_Request.club_id == clubKey)
            for jr in joinReqRet:
            postReqRet = Post_Request.query(Post_Request.club_id == clubKey)
            for pr in postReqRet:

            # Operation 7 - Posts and Events delete
            postRet = Post.query(Post.club_id == clubKey)

            for posts in postRet:
                likePostmini = LikePost()
                likePostmini.from_pid = str(club.admin.id())
                likePostmini.postId = str(posts.key.id())

            eventRet = Event.query(Event.club_id == clubKey)

            for events in eventRet:
                modifyeventmini = ModifyEvent()
                modifyeventmini.from_pid = str(club.admin.id())
                modifyeventmini.eventId = str(events.key.id())

            # Operation 8 - delete club