def handle_moves(game_state: GameState, message: str) -> GameState:
    ''' Converts move command message into function call, returns new gamestate '''
        if message.startswith("DROP"):
            return connectfour_console.drop(game_state, int(message.split(" ")[1])-1)
        elif message.startswith("POP"):
            return connectfour_console.pop(game_state, int(message.split(" ")[1])-1)
    except connectfour_console.InvalidMoveError:
        print("Invalid move")
        return game_state
def read_move(game_state: GameState) -> GameState:
    ''' Asks user whether they want to drop or pop, and returns a function call to the move '''
    while True:
            move_num = read_num()
            move_type = input("> Would you like to drop or pop? Type drop/pop\n")

            if move_type.lower() == "drop":
                return connectfour_console.drop(game_state, move_num)
            elif move_type.lower() == "pop":
                return connectfour_console.pop(game_state, move_num)
                print("Please type 'drop' or 'pop' (not case-sensitive)\n")
        except connectfour_console.InvalidMoveError:
            print("Invalid move, try again. (Piece is not yours or column is empty)")