Beispiel #1
def provision():
    """Create a new cloud server instance"""
    if "server" not in env:
        util.exit("Please specify a target server")
    conn = cloud_connect()
    image = choose_cloud_option(conn.list_images, IMAGE_RE, "image")
    size = choose_cloud_option(conn.list_sizes, SIZE_RE, "size")
    root_password = getpass.getpass(
        "Choose a root password for the new server: ")
    ssh_key = util.get_ssh_key()
    users = ScriptDeployment(debian.make_user_script(os.environ["USER"], ssh_key))

    # a task that first installs the ssh key, and then runs the script
    msd = MultiStepDeployment([SSHKeyDeployment(ssh_key), users])
    out("Creating %s (%s) on %s" % (,,
    node = conn.deploy_node(name=env.server["name"], image=image, size=size,
    while get_node(node.uuid).state != 0:
    out("Node is up.")
    env.hosts[0] = env.host_string = node.public_ips[0]
    conf =
    conf[env.server["label"]]["hostname"] = node.public_ips[0]
    server_conf.write(conf, SERVER_CONF_PATH)
    set_root_password(node.uuid, root_password)
    #Make my shell zsh
    with settings(user="******"):
        login = os.environ["USER"]
        util.script("chsh --shell /bin/zsh " + login, name="Use zshell")
        out("Please set a password for %s on %s" % (login, env.host_string))
        run("passwd " + login)
    return node
Beispiel #2
def set_root_password(uuid, rootPassword=None, node=None):
    """Change the root password on a cloud server by UUID"""
    if not node:
        node = get_node(uuid)
    if not rootPassword:
        rootPassword = getpass.getpass(
            "Choose a root password for the new server: ")
    conn = cloud_connect()
    conn.ex_set_password(node, rootPassword)
    while get_node(uuid).state != 0: