Beispiel #1
    def _urls_to_verify_generator(self, resp, fuzzable_req):
        Yields tuples containing:
            * Newly found URL
            * The FuzzableRequest instance passed as parameter
            * The HTTPResponse generated by the FuzzableRequest
            * Boolean indicating if we trust this reference or not

        :param resp: HTTP response object
        :param fuzzable_req: The HTTP request that generated the response
        gen = itertools.chain(self._body_url_generator(resp, fuzzable_req),
                              headers_url_generator(resp, fuzzable_req))
        for ref, fuzzable_req, original_resp, possibly_broken in gen:
            if self._should_verify_extracted_url(ref, original_resp):
                yield ref, fuzzable_req, original_resp, possibly_broken
 def get_urls(self, headers):
     http_response = build_http_response(headers)
     return [u for u, _, _, _ in headers_url_generator(http_response, None)]