Ejemplo n.º 1
def handle_inst_fifo(bs_code):
        handles the BS command that comes in one by one. 
	maintains state in case of SCRIPT
	global script
        bs_code = bs_code.strip() #only single BS inst
	print "bs_code : ", bs_code
	if bs_code == "ENDSCRIPT":
		if not script: #endscript without a startscript?
			return 0 #some problem
		script = False

	elif bs_code == "SCRIPT":
		if  script: #startscript in a script
			return 0
		script = True
	elif script:
		pru_speak.SCRIPT_CODE += '\n' + bs_code

	elif bs_code == "RUN":
		if pru_speak.SCRIPT_CODE :
			print "running script :"
			print pru_speak.SCRIPT_CODE
			pru_speak.load(pru_speak.SCRIPT_CODE, trigger = True)
		else : 
			return 0

	else :#normal single inst execution

        return 1
Ejemplo n.º 2
def handle_data(bs_code):
        handles the BS commands which are part of the incoming packet
        seperately takes care of single instructions and scripts
        bs_code (str) : TCP packet data. The code block with BS instructions seperated by new lines.
        #print "bs_code.strip() " , bs_code.strip()
        bs_code = bs_code.strip().split("\n")
        bs_code = map(str.strip, bs_code)
        print "bs_code \n", bs_code
        # change logic either here or in compiler.py to make 
        # all this more clean and efficient. but this is ok for now.

        if "SCRIPT" in bs_code:
                #download and keep the script
                start = bs_code.index("SCRIPT")
                        end = bs_code.index("ENDSCRIPT")
                        #get the script postion
                        script_list = bs_code[start+1 : end]
                        #remove it out of the original list of inst.
                        bs_code = bs_code[:start] + bs_code[end+1 :]

                        pru_speak.SCRIPT_CODE = '\n'.join(script_list)
                        print "SCRIPT loaded\n",  pru_speak.SCRIPT_CODE + "\n ENDSCRIPT \n"
                except Exception as e:
                        return -1 #ENDSCRIPT not found - syntax error

        for inst in bs_code :
                if inst == "RUN": #have to move run to PRU, why simply put it here?
                        if pru_speak.SCRIPT_CODE :
                                #maybe abort the previous script before this?
                                pru_speak.load(pru_speak.SCRIPT_CODE, trigger = True)
                        else :
                                return -1
                else :

        return 1