def load_data(path, name, command):
    list_ = load_file(path, name)
    X = list()
    for line in list_:
        split_line = line.split('\t')
        text = split_line[3]

        if command == 'preprocessText':
            text = clean_url(text)

    return X
def load_data_ubicomp():
    db = MySQLdb.connect(host="",  # your host, usually localhost
                     user="******",  # your username
                      passwd="ducthong",  # your password
                      db="2015_allschemas")  # name of the data base

    cur = db.cursor()

    # Use all the SQL you like
    cur.execute("select tweetID, tweetText from twitter_icwsm_correct")
    data_id, data_text = list(), list()

    for row in cur.fetchall():
    return data_id, data_text