Example #1
    def process_dir(self, args, dirname, filenames):
        """ callback for each directory encourted by os.path.walk.
            If directory contains audio files, attempt to extract it's metatags, then search and download it's cover art"""
        album_name = ""
        artist_name = ""
        filehandler = None
        # If we have files in the directory
        if filenames:
            filehandler = HandlerFactory.get_handler(dirname, filenames) # get proper Handler class based on extension of files

            # If we have a file handler, then continue
            if filehandler:
                # If the directory actually contains media files then continue
                if filehandler.audio_files:
                    (album_name, artist_name) = filehandler.get_album_and_artist() # Lookup album and artist ID3 tag

                    # If metadata/tags exists and we have an album name
                    if album_name:
                        cover_exists = self.check_cover_image_existence(dirname) # Does cover image already exist in the current directory?
                        if cover_exists == False:
                            image_url = self.get_image_url(album_name, artist_name)
                            logger.warning(u'cover image for "{artist_name} - {album_name}" already exists, moving on to the next one'.format(artist_name=artist_name, album_name=album_name))
                            image_url = None

                        # If we found the image URL, then download the image.
                        if image_url:
                            logger.info(u'Downloading album cover image for "{artist_name} - {album_name}"'.format(artist_name=artist_name, album_name=album_name))
                            self.download_image(dirname, image_url)
    def search_for_image(self):
        """ Use LastFM's API to obtain a URL for the album cover art """
        logger.info(u'LastFM: Searching for "{artist_name} - {album_name}"'.format(artist_name=self.artist_name, album_name=self.album_name))
        response = urllib.urlopen(self.url).read() # Send HTTP request to LastFM
        xml_data = ETree.fromstring(response) # Read in XML data

        for element in xml_data.getiterator("album"):
            if (element.find('artist').text.lower() == self.artist_name.lower().encode("utf-8")):
                for elmnt in element.findall('image'):
                    if (elmnt.attrib['size'] == 'extralarge'):
                        url = elmnt.text
                        if url:
                            return url
                            return None
Example #3
    def do_walk_path(self):
        """ Walk specified directory recursively.  Call self.process_dir() on each directory """

        logger.info(u'Scanning {path}'.format(path=self.path))
        os.path.walk(self.path, self.process_dir, None)