def _get_pkgs_expanded(self):
     short = self._get_pkgs()
     if not short:
         return dict()
     pkgs = dict()
     for fn in short:
         full_name = sh.joinpths(settings.STACK_PKG_DIR, fn)
         pkgs = utils.extract_pkg_list([full_name], self.distro, pkgs)
     return pkgs
Example #2
 def _get_pkglist(self):
     pkgs = comp.PkgInstallComponent._get_pkglist(self)
     # Walk through the subcomponents (like 'vol' and 'cpu') and add those
     # those packages as well. Let utils.get_pkglist handle any missing
     # entries
     if self.component_opts:
         sub_components = self.component_opts
         # No subcomponents where explicitly specified, so get all
         sub_components = SUBCOMPONENTS
     LOG.debug("Explicit extras: %s" % (sub_components))
     # Add the extra dependencies
     for cname in sub_components:
         subpkgsfns = ADD_PKGS.get(cname)
         if subpkgsfns:
             pkgs = utils.extract_pkg_list(subpkgsfns, self.distro, pkgs)
     return pkgs
 def _get_pkglist(self):
     if self.q_vswitch_service:
         listing_fn = sh.joinpths(settings.STACK_PKG_DIR, PKG_VSWITCH)
         return utils.extract_pkg_list([listing_fn], self.distro)
         return comp.PkgInstallComponent._get_pkglist(self)