Example #1
def test_domain_ip_bad_urls():
    """Tests get_server_ip() passing bad urls. Assumes ip is correct."""
    with pytest.raises(LookupError):
        get_server_ip(['http://example.com', 'http://techterminal.net'])

    # Try 2 bad urls with one good url:
    assert socket.inet_aton(get_server_ip(['http://example.com',
Example #2
    def verify(self, repair=False):  # pylint: disable=unused-argument
        """Verifies that the domain is pointed at the server."""
        server_ip = get_server_ip()
        website_ip = self.get_ip()
        print('Server IP: ' + server_ip)
        print('Current website IP: ' + website_ip)
        if website_ip == '':
            print('\n -----------------------------------------------------------')
            print('    [WARN] Website IP is pointed to localhost! This usually')
            print('           means there is an entry in the hosts file.  Remember')
            print('           to check if this is what you actually want.')
            print(' -----------------------------------------------------------\n')
            return True

        if not server_ip == website_ip:
            if repair:
                print(' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!')
            print('\n -----------------------------------------------------------')
            print('    [WARN] Website IP is not the same as this server\'s ip!')
            print('           DNS API not yet implemented.')
            print('           Please remember to change DNS settings manually.')
            print(' -----------------------------------------------------------\n')
            return False

        print('Domain is correctly pointed at this server.')
        return True
Example #3
def test_domain_ip():
    """Tests get_server_ip(). Assumes ip is correct."""
    assert socket.inet_aton(get_server_ip())