Example #1
    def save(self, filename, format=FORMAT_PEM):
        Saves X.509 certificate request to a file. Default output
        format is PEM.

        @type filename: string
        @param filename: Name of the file the request will be saved to.
        @type format: int
        @param format: Controls what output format is used to save the request.
        Either FORMAT_PEM or FORMAT_DER to save in PEM or DER format.
        Raises ValueError if an unknown format is used.
        bio = BIO.openfile(filename, 'wb')
        if format == FORMAT_PEM:
            return m2.x509_req_write_pem(bio.bio_ptr(), self.req)
        elif format == FORMAT_DER:
            return m2.i2d_x509_req_bio(bio.bio_ptr(), self.req)
            raise ValueError("Unknown filetype. Must be either FORMAT_DER or FORMAT_PEM")
Example #2
 def as_der(self):
     buf = BIO.MemoryBuffer()
     m2.i2d_x509_req_bio(buf.bio_ptr(), self.req)
     return buf.read_all()