Example #1
def showfile(root, fpath):
    ext = '.' + fpath.rsplit('.', 1)[1] if '.' in fpath else ''
    # attempt to load corresponding .yml file if .html
    if ext == '.html':
        yml, d = fpath.replace('.html', '.yml'), {}
        if os.path.isfile(yml):
            buf = unicode(open(yml).read(), encoding='utf-8')
            d = yaml.load(buf)
        return render_ext(fpath, root, **d)
    # attempt to render requested template in .yml file
    if ext == '.yml':
        d = yaml.load(unicode(open(fpath).read(), encoding='utf-8'))
        if 'template' in d:
            return render_ext(d['template'], root, **d)
    # check if file contains template tags (for templating non-html files)
    buf = open(fpath).read(1024)
    if '{%' in buf or '{{' in buf:
        return render_ext(fpath, root)
    # render file based on file ext
    if ext in EXT_MAP:
        title, body = EXT_MAP[ext](fpath)
        h1 = title if title else ''
        title = title if title else fpath
        return render_sys('page.html', root, title=title, body=body, h1=h1)
        lexer = pygments.lexers.get_lexer_for_filename(fpath)
        lexer = None
    if lexer and ext != '.txt':
        body = highlight(lexer, fpath)
        return render_sys('page.html', root, title=fpath, body=body)
        # just try for text as <pre> block
        buf = unicode(open(fpath).read(), encoding='utf-8')
        body = u'<pre>%s</pre>' % cgi.escape(buf)
        return render_sys('page.html', root, title=fpath, body=body)
Example #2
File: test.py Project: jeberle/ws
def test_tmpl():
    body = render_sys('files/tmpl.html', 'root', title='Title', year=2014)
    open('files/last.html', 'w').write(body)
    assert body.rstrip() == open('files/rendered.html').read().rstrip()
Example #3
File: wsgi.py Project: jeberle/ws
def error(root, err):
    body = u'<pre>%s</pre>' % cgi.escape(err)
    return render_sys('page.html', root, title='Error', body=body)
Example #4
def dirlist(root, fpath):
    fpath = os.path.normpath(fpath)
    return render_sys('dirlist.html', root, title=fpath, rows=rows(root, fpath))