def test_ticket_type_set_successful(self):
        When we add custom ticket_type enum values to the config
        and call TicketFieldConfigCommand.set_fields_from_config()
        we expect the Trac environments ticket_type enums to be updated with our
        custom values and removal of the default values.
        # We create an instance of the panel so we can check existing values
        panel = TicketTypeAdminPanel(self.env)

        # Check the environment initially contains the default values.
        self.assertItemsEqual(panel.get_enum_list(), self.default['ticket_type'])

        # create the section, option, and values in configuration
        self.env.config.set('ticket-field-config', 'ticket_type',

        admin_command = TicketFieldConfigCommand(self.env)

        # run our plugin

 def list_ticket_type_in_json(self):
     panel = TicketTypeAdminPanel(self.env)