def getPresenters(year):
    winners = find_winners(year)
    presenters = dict()
    presentersTweets = lookthroughTweets(presenters_keywords, year)
    for w in winners:
        test = []
        #presentersTweets = lookthroughTweets(presenters_keywords)
        test = winners[w].split()
        #print test
        specificTweets = lookthroughTweets2(presentersTweets, test)
        #print specificTweets
        for t in test:
        #print stopwords
        wordDict = CreateWords(specificTweets, stopwords)
        nameList = CreateNames(specificTweets, stopwords)
        presentersper = ObtainNames(wordDict, nameList, 4)
        output = []
        for presenter in presentersper:
            presenters_final = presenter.encode("utf-8")
            presentersper = output
        presentersper = output
        presenters[w] = presentersper
        #print presentersper
        #presenters.key() = winners.key()
        pop_amount = len(test)
        for x in range(0, pop_amount):
    print presenters
    return presenters
def get_winner(year):
    '''Winners is a dictionary with the hard coded award
    names as keys, and each entry containing a single string.
    Do NOT change the name of this function or what it returns.'''
    # Liam
    # Your code here
    winners = find_winners(year)
    return winners