Exemple #1
    parser.add_argument('--Fs', '-s', metavar='fs', type=float,
            help='audio sample rate in Hz', default=48000.)
    parser.add_argument('--Fc', '-c', metavar='fc', type=float,
            help='carrier (center) frequency in Hz', default=19000.)
    parser.add_argument('--rate', '-r', metavar='rate', type=int,
            help='modulation and coding scheme (MCS) index, from 0 to 7', choices=range(8), default=0)
    class BandwidthAction(argparse.Action):
        def __call__(self, parser, namespace, values, option_string=None):
            namespace.upsample_factor = int(round(namespace.Fs/values))
    parser.add_argument('-b', '--bandwidth', metavar='bw', type=float, action=BandwidthAction,
        help='desired bandwidth in Hz; if used with a non-default --Fs, this option must follow that one', dest='bandwidth', default=3000.0)
    parser.add_argument('--rx', action='store_true', default=False, help='listen for incoming Blurts')
    parser.add_argument('--tx', action='store_false', dest='rx', help='send a Blurt')
    parser.add_argument('message', nargs='?', default='Hello, world!')
    args = parser.parse_args(namespace=argparse.Namespace(upsample_factor=16))

    bandwidth = args.Fs / args.upsample_factor
    if args.Fc + bandwidth*.5 > args.Fs * .5:
        parser.error('Center frequency plus half of bandwidth cannot exceed half of sampling frequency (Nyquist criterion)')

    if args.rx:
        print('Listening for transmissions with a center frequency of %.0f Hz and a bandwidth of %.0f Hz (sample rate %.0f)' % \
            (args.Fc, args.Fs / args.upsample_factor, args.Fs))
        audio.record(ContinuousReceiver(Fs=args.Fs, Fc=args.Fc, upsample_factor=args.upsample_factor), args.Fs)
        print('Transmitting %r with a center frequency of %.0f Hz and a bandwidth of %.0f Hz (sample rate %.0f)' % \
            (args.message, args.Fc, args.Fs / args.upsample_factor, args.Fs))
        input_octets = np.array(map(ord, args.message), dtype=np.uint8)
        output = wifi.encode(input_octets, args.rate)
        audioLoopback.audioOut(output, args.Fs, args.Fc, args.upsample_factor, None)
Exemple #2
def transmit(message):
    length = len(message)
    input_octets = np.array(map(ord, message))
    output = wifi.encode(input_octets, rate)
    audioLoopback.audioOut(output, Fs, Fc, upsample_factor, mask_noise)