def title_cells(browser=default_browser):
    """Returns all the cell of the title column.

    :param browser: A browser instance. (Default: global browser)
    :type browser: :py:class:`ftw.testbrowser.core.Browser`
    :returns: Cells of the title column.
    :rtype: list of cell objects
    cells = map(itemgetter(column_title_by_name('title', browser=browser)),
                dicts(browser=browser, as_text=False))
    return wrap_nodes(cells, browser=browser)
Exemple #2
    def xpath(self, xpath_selector, query_info=None):
        """Select one or more HTML nodes by using an *xpath* selector.

        :param xpath_selector: The xpath selector.
        :type xpath_selector: string
        :returns: Object containg matches.
        :rtype: :py:class:`ftw.testbrowser.nodes.Nodes`
        query_info = query_info or ('browser', 'xpath', xpath_selector)
        nsmap = self.document.getroot().nsmap
        return wrap_nodes(self.document.xpath(xpath_selector, namespaces=nsmap),