Esempio n. 1
def sortFiles():
    print "Please select the CSV file that contains the list of names to be sorted away."
    inFile = askopenfilename();
    print "Please enter the name of the folder you would like the names on that CSV to be sorted into, surrounded by quotes."
    newDirName = input("Such as, ''Hired'' or ''Archived''")
    SortFileByName.sortIntoDir(inFile, newDirName)
    print "The files were sorted accordingly."
Esempio n. 2
on = True;
while on:
    print "\n"
    print "1: Generate files from existing TXT or CSV."
    print "2: Sort existing files into the proper folders by name"
    print "3: Sort files according to a new and separate list"
    print "4: Quit"
    option = input("Enter your selection here:")

    if option == 4:
        on = False
    elif option == 1:
    elif option == 2:
        print "Please select the directory you would like sorted."
        path = askdirectory()
        path = os.path.abspath(path)
        print "inDir: ", path

    elif option == 3:
        print "Please select the CSV containing the list of names to be moved into another folder."
        inDir = askopenfilename()

        newDirName = input("Please enter the name of the new folder into which the files will be sorted.")
        SortFileByName.sortIntoDir(inDir, newDirName)
        print "\n That is not a valid input. Please try again. \n"

    print "Thanks for using Student Staff Selection Automation!"