Esempio n. 1
File: Progetto: alikzao/tao1
def sub(request, user, link, subject): #TODO  do not expect the system to send all letters.
    admin = get_admin(True)
    mail = admin['doc']['mail'] if 'mail' in admin['doc'] else ''
    if not mail:  return {"result":"ok"}
    db = request.db
    from libs.contents.contents import get_doc
    doc = get_doc(user){"_id": uuid4().hex, "subject":subject, "to":admin['doc']['mail'], 'body': link})
    users = doc['friends'] if doc and 'friends' in doc else {}
    for res in users:
        friend = get_doc(res)
        if friend['doc']['sub'] == 'true' :
  {"_id": uuid4().hex, "subject":subject, "to":friend['doc']['mail'], 'body': link})
    return {"result":"ok"}
Esempio n. 2
File: Progetto: alikzao/tao1
def add_order(request, data):
	db = request.db
	proc_id = 'des:order'; table_id = 'ware'
	sub_data = basket_show()
	doc_id = create_empty_row_(proc_id, data)
	doc = get_doc(doc_id)
	for i in sub_data:
		new_id = doc['seq_id']
		doc["seq_id"] = new_id+1
		new_id = str(new_id)
		doc['tables'][table_id][new_id] = sub_data[i]
	return {"result":"ok"}
Esempio n. 3
File: Progetto: alikzao/tao1
def add_basket(ware, quantity):
	"""получает id товара и количество берет подробности о нем и заносит в сесии"""
	s = session()
	doc = get_doc(ware)
	if not ware in s['basket']:
		s['basket'][ware] = {'title': ct(doc['doc']['title']), 'price': doc['doc']['price'],
		                     "amount": 0, 'quantity': 0, 'descr': doc['doc']['descr'],
	s['basket'][ware]['quantity'] += quantity
	# die(doc['doc']['count_opt'])
	if 'count_opt' in doc['doc'] and doc['doc']['count_opt'] and int(quantity) >= int(ct(doc['doc']['count_opt'])):
		amount = float(quantity * doc['doc']['price_opt'])
		s['basket'][ware]['amount'] = amount
		# die( s['basket'][ware]['amount'] )
		amount = float(quantity * doc['doc']['price'])
		s['basket'][ware]['amount'] += amount
Esempio n. 4
File: Progetto: alikzao/tao1
def get_admin(request, full=False):
    from libs.contents.contents import get_doc
    name = 'user:'******'admin') or get_domain() )
    if full: return get_doc(request, name)
    return name