Esempio n. 1
 def test_startMenuSetsTabURLs(self):
     L{Tabs<Tab>} which have C{None} for a C{linkURL} attribute should have
     a value set for that attribute based on the L{IWebTranslator} passed to
     tab = webnav.Tab("alpha", 123, 0)
     webnav.startMenu(FakeTranslator(), [tab], tags.span())
     self.assertEqual(tab.linkURL, "/link/123")
Esempio n. 2
    def render_startmenu(self, ctx, data):
        Add start-menu style navigation to the given tag.

        @see {xmantissa.webnav.startMenu}
        return startMenu(
            self.translator, self.pageComponents.navigation, ctx.tag)
Esempio n. 3
    def render_startmenu(self, ctx, data):
        For authenticated users, add the start-menu style navigation to the
        given tag.  For unauthenticated users, remove the given tag from the

        @see L{xmantissa.webnav.startMenu}
        if self.username is None:
            return ''
        translator = self._getViewerPrivateApplication()
        pageComponents = translator.getPageComponents()
        return startMenu(translator, pageComponents.navigation, ctx.tag)
Esempio n. 4
    def test_startMenuRenders(self):
        Test that the L{startMenu} renderer creates a tag for each tab, filling
        its I{href}, I{name}, and I{kids} slots.
        tabs = [webnav.Tab("alpha", 123, 0), webnav.Tab("beta", 234, 0)]
        node = tags.span[tags.div(pattern="tab")]

        tag = webnav.startMenu(FakeTranslator(), tabs, node)
        self.assertEqual(tag.tagName, "span")
        navTags = list(tag.slotData["tabs"])
        self.assertEqual(len(navTags), 2)
        alpha, beta = navTags
        self.assertEqual(alpha.slotData["name"], "alpha")
        self.assertEqual(alpha.slotData["href"], "/link/123")
        self.assertEqual(alpha.slotData["kids"], "")
        self.assertEqual(beta.slotData["name"], "beta")
        self.assertEqual(beta.slotData["href"], "/link/234")
        self.assertEqual(beta.slotData["kids"], "")