Exemplo n.º 1
def run(indir, outfile, defGDXStr=MAK_DEF_DDN, runGDXStr=MAK_DEF_RDN):
    RUN() runs a series of GAMS models, substituting the current run GDX in
    each run and outputting the results to a CSV.
        indir       = directory where GDXs are stored
        outfile     = output summary CSV to be created
        defGDXStr   = (optional) name (without extension) of default GDX in
            [workingDir]. Default is take from make_gdx
        runGDXStr   = (optional) name prefix (without extension) of
            run-specific GDXs. Default is taken from make_gdx.
        series of run result CSV file paths
    # imports
    from glob import glob
    from gdx_to_csv import gdx_to_csv, concatenate_csvs
    import os, shutil, subprocess
    # get input gdxs and identify default gdx
    defGDXs = [os.path.abspath(f) for f in glob(os.path.join(indir, defGDXStr + '*%s' % RUN_EXT_GDX))]
    assert len(defGDXs) == 1, 'Unable to determine which GDX is the default.'
    defGDX = defGDXs[0]
    runGDXs = [os.path.abspath(f) for f in glob(os.path.join(indir, runGDXStr + '*%s' % RUN_EXT_GDX))]
    # set up for runs
    thisdir = os.path.abspath(os.path.dirname(__file__))
    gamsOutGDX = os.path.join(thisdir, RUN_GOF)
    tempFiles = set()
        # run GAMS and output results
        csvs = []
        for gdx in runGDXs:
            # run the model
                'gams %s --defaultgdx "%s" --rungdx "%s"' % (RUN_GMS, defGDX, gdx)
            # convert results to CSV
            outCSV = os.path.join(thisdir, os.path.basename(gdx).split('.', 1)[0] + RUN_EXT_CSV)
            gdx_to_csv(gamsOutGDX, outCSV)
        # concatenate csvs
        concatenate_csvs(csvs, outfile)
        return outfile
    # delete temporary files
        for f in tempFiles:
            try: os.remove(f)
            except: print 'Could not delete temporary file %s' % f

# imports
from gdx_to_csv import gdx_to_csv, concatenate_csvs
from glob import glob
import os

# inputs/parameters
resultDir = r'C:\Users\milt\Dropbox\UW Madison Post Doc\Lamprey Control\code\benchmarks\results'
searchStr = r'*run_*.gdx'
resultCSV = r'results.csv'

# create individual csvs in each directory
gdxs = glob(os.path.join(resultDir, searchStr))
csvs = []    
for gdx in gdxs:
    runName = os.path.basename(gdx).split('.')[0]+'.csv'
    outcsv = os.path.join(os.path.abspath(os.path.dirname(gdx)), runName)
    csvs.append(gdx_to_csv(gdx, outcsv))
# concatenate csvs
concatenate_csvs(csvs, resultCSV)

for f in csvs: