def check_if_turn(userdata):
     if userdata.in_times_turned >= times_to_turn:
         if not userdata.in_furniture_poses:  # No furniture has been detected
             return 'no_furniture'
         if publish_markers:  # We publish the markers
             publish_markerArray(publisher, points=userdata.in_furniture_poses, rgba=(0, 1, 0, 1), shape=Marker.CUBE)
         return succeeded
     userdata.out_times_turned = userdata.in_times_turned + 1
     return 'turn_again'
            def calculate_tabletop_sensing_locations_route(userdata):
                params = rospy.get_param(PARAM_CORNER_NAME+userdata.in_room_name, None)
                if params is None:
                    return 'no_corner_info'
                # Note that the ServiceState with the response slots returns in the userdata the variable.
                visib = Visib_PRM(userdata.in_map, params[0], params[1], params[2], params[3], params[4])
                (guards, connection) = visib.visib_prm(in_mtrs=True)
                userdata.out_guards = guards
                # FIXME consider deleting the visib thing

                if publish_markers:
                    publish_markerArray(publisher, points=guards, rgba=(1.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0), shape=Marker.CYLINDER)

                return succeeded