Пример #1
        def wrapper(*args, **kwargs):
                return func(*args, **kwargs)
            except self.exception_tuple as e:
                # match on `caused_by`
                if self.caused_by_tuple is None or isinstance(e, WrapperException) and isinstance(e.caused_by, self.caused_by_tuple):

                    # get self reference -> get subclass of RetryableTask
                    cur_task = args[0]

                    # use exponential backoff for retrying
                    retry_time = CeleryUtil.exp_backoff(cur_task, self.max_retry_time)
                    # log error
                    Util.log_will_retry(retry_time, exc = e, what = func.__name__)
                    # retry
                    raise cur_task.retry(args = cur_task.get_retry_arguments(),
                               exc = e,
                               max_retries = self.max_retries,
                               countdown = retry_time
                # no match on exceptions -> no retry! -> propagate exception
                raise e, None, sys.exc_info()[2]
Пример #2
    def _analyze(self):
        ''' See doc of :py:method:`.BaseAnalyzer.analyze`. '''

        # try to get registered workers
        # it network fails at this point -> stop analysis
        except NetworkError as e:
            return 0

        # storage objects
        storage = self.storage

        clilog.info("Number of apks to analyze: %d", self._cnt_apks)

            # get analyze task
            analyze_task = tasks[CeleryConstants.get_analyze_task_name()]

            # create storage

            # send tasks
            start = time()

            # apk generator over .apk or apk hashes
            apk_gen = AnalyzeUtil.apk_id_or_raw_data_gen(self.apks, force_raw_data = self.serialize_apks)

            clilog.info("Task publishing progress:")

            # send and serialize .apks
            # if analysis via path serialize them!
            if self.serialize_apks:
                log.info("sending .apks to message broker")
                self.group_result = group_result = GroupResult(results = [])

                for args in self.send_apk_args_generator(apk_gen):
                    task = analyze_task.delay(*args)

            # send only apk id and let fetch via mongodb
                log.info("sending ids of apks")

                task_group = group((analyze_task.s(*args) for args in self.send_id_args_generator(apk_gen)))

                # publish tasks
                self.group_result = task_group()

            log.info("sending took %ss", (time() - start))
            sys.stderr.write("\nAnalysis progress:\n")

            # start showing analysis progress

            # wait for results
            log.debug("joining on ResultGroup ... ")

            # setup callback
            callback_func = self.get_callback_func(self.success_handler, self.error_handler)
            CeleryUtil.join_native(self.group_result, propagate = False, callback = callback_func)

            clilog.info("\nanalysis done ... ")
            log.info("distributed analysis took %ss", (time() - start))

            return self.stop_analysis_view()
        except DatabaseOpenError as e:
            return 0

        except (KeyboardInterrupt, Exception) as e:
            if not isinstance(e, KeyboardInterrupt):
            log.warn("Interrupting distributed analysis ... Please wait a moment!")
            log.warn("revoking tasks on all workers ...")

            if celerysettings.CELERY_TASK_REVOCATION_ENABLED:
                # revoke tasks
                if self.group_result is None:
                    # revoke via task ids
                    log.debug("revoking while publishing tasks ...")

                    self.task_collection.revoke_all(terminate = True, signal = 'SIGKILL')
                    # revoke via GroupResult if yet available/created
                    # first available after all tasks have been send
                    self.group_result.revoke(terminate = True, signal = 'SIGKILL')
                log.warn("revoked tasks and killed workers ...")

            #return number of analyzed apks
            return self.stop_analysis_view()