Ejemplo n.º 1
def test_room_paths():
    center = Room("Center", "Test room in the center.")
    north = Room("North", "Test room in the north.")
    south = Room("South", "Test room in the south.")

    center.add_paths({'north': north, 'south': south})
    assert_equal(center.go('north'), north)
    assert_equal(center.go('south'), south)
Ejemplo n.º 2
def test_gothon_game_map():
    start = Room("Death", "You died")
        'shoot!': generic_death,
        'dodge!': generic_death,
        'tell a joke': laser_weapon_armory,

    assert_equal(start.go('shoot!'), generic_death)
    assert_equal(start.go('dodge!'), generic_death)

    room = start.go('tell a joke')
    assert_equal(room, laser_weapon_armory)
Ejemplo n.º 3
def test_map():
    start = Room("Start", "You can go west and down a hole.")
    west = Room("Trees", "There are trees here, you can go east.")
    down = Room("Dungeon", "It's dark down here, you can go up.")

    start.add_paths({'west': west, 'down': down})
    west.add_paths({'east': start})
    down.add_paths({'up': start})

    assert_equal(start.go('west'), west)
    assert_equal(start.go('west').go('east'), start)
    assert_equal(start.go('down').go('up'), start)