Example #1
 def test_save_load_file(self):
     Test that we can encrypt a message, save it to file, load it again and 
     decrypt it. 
     # Get a new private key object
     key = self.cryptosystem.new_key_pair().private_key
     # Get a temporary file object using tempfile
     (file_object, file_path) = tempfile.mkstemp()
     # We close the file descriptor since we will not be using it, instead 
     # PrivateKey's methods take the filename and open/close the file as 
     # needed.
     # Note that using mkstemp() instead tempfile.TemporaryFile means the 
     # file remains in the filesystem even after it is closed.
     # Save the key using to_file(...)
     # Load it back using PrivateKey.from_file(...)
     recovered_key = PrivateKey.from_file(file_path)
     # Check that the recovered key is the same as the original key
     self.assertEqual(recovered_key, key)
     self.assertFalse(recovered_key != key)
     # Delete the temporary file
Example #2
def run_tool(key_file, in_file, out_file):
	Runs the plonevote.decrypt tool and decrypts in_file into out_file.
	# Load the private key
	print "Loading private key..."
		private_key = PrivateKey.from_file(key_file)
	except InvalidPloneVoteCryptoFileError, e:
		print "Invalid private key file (%s): %s" % (key_file, e.msg)