Exemple #1
def get_count_for_collection(doc_type, index=None):

    :param doc_type: e.g. CFG_PUB_TYPE or CFG_DATA_TYPE
    :param index: name of index to use.
    :return: the number of records in that collection
    return es.count(index=index, doc_type=doc_type)
def is_record_in_db(obj, eng):
    """Checks if record is in database"""
    return es.count(q='dois.value:"%s"' % (get_first_doi(obj),))['count'] > 0
Exemple #3
def number_of_records(collection_name):
    """Returns number of records for the collection."""
    index = collection_to_index(collection_name)
    result = es.count(index=index)

    return result['count']