Exemplo n.º 1
Arquivo: blah.py Projeto: apel/apel
    def parse(self, line):
        Parses single line from accounting log file.
        Example line of accounting log file:
        "timestamp=2012-05-20 23:59:47" "userDN=/O=GermanGrid/OU=UniWuppertal/CN=Torsten Harenberg"
        "userFQAN=/atlas/Role=production/Capability=NULL" "ceID=cream-2-fzk.gridka.de:8443/cream-pbs-atlasXL"
        "jobID=CREAM410741480" "lrmsID=9575064.lrms1" "localUser=11999"
        Line was split, if you want to rejoin use ' ' as a joiner.
        data = {}
        rc = {}
        record = BlahdRecord()
        #  split file and remove parts which contain only space (like ' ')
        parts = [x.split('=',1) for x in [y for y in self.LINE_EXPR.split(line) if len(y) > 1]]
        # Simple mapping between keys in a log file and a table's columns
        mapping = {
            'TimeStamp'      : lambda x: 'T'.join(x['timestamp'].split()) + 'Z',
            'GlobalUserName' : lambda x: x['userDN'],
            'FQAN'           : lambda x: x['userFQAN'],
            'VO'             : lambda x: parse_fqan(x['userFQAN'])[2],
            'VOGroup'        : lambda x: parse_fqan(x['userFQAN'])[1],
            'VORole'         : lambda x: parse_fqan(x['userFQAN'])[0],
            'CE'             : lambda x: x['ceID'],
            'GlobalJobId'    : lambda x: x['jobID'],
            'LrmsId'         : lambda x: x['lrmsID'],
            'Site'           : lambda x: self.site_name,
            'ValidFrom'      : lambda x: valid_from(parse_timestamp(x['timestamp'])),
            'ValidUntil'     : lambda x: valid_until(parse_timestamp(x['timestamp'])),
            'Processed'      : lambda x: Parser.UNPROCESSED}

        for key, value in parts:
            # Store only the first value encountered. This is mainly for the
            # userFQAN field as the first occurence of this is the primary FQAN.
            if key not in data:
                data[key] = value

        for key in mapping:
            rc[key] = mapping[key](data)

        return record
Exemplo n.º 2
 def test_valid_from(self):
     now = datetime.datetime.now()
     result = now-datetime.timedelta(days=1)
     self.assertEqual(result, valid_from(now))