Пример #1
    def test_check_change_status_device(self):
        # Create device
        dev = accessdb.create_device("dev1", "dev1")
        self.assertEqual(dev is None, False)

        # Check status device. Default of device status is OFF
        status = controldev.get_device_status(dev.id)
        self.assertEqual(status, "OFF")

        # Update status device
        ret = accessdb.update_status_device_input_obj(dev, status)
        # Because status default is OFF, update new status is OFF. Return False
        self.assertEqual(ret, False)

        # Change status
        status = "ON"
        ret = accessdb.update_status_device_input_obj(dev, status)
        self.assertEqual(ret, True)

        # Get list alarm by time for device which just insert to db
        alarm_list = accessdb.get_alarm_time_list_from_device_pk(dev.id)
        for row in alarm_list:
            log = "%s %s" % (row.dev.dev_name, row.timer)
        self.assertEqual(alarm_list is None, False)
        self.assertEqual(len(alarm_list), 0)

        # Get list alarm by temp for device
        alarm_by_temp = accessdb.get_alarm_by_temp(dev.id)
        self.assertEqual(alarm_by_temp is None, False)
        self.assertEqual(alarm_by_temp.dev.dev_name, dev.dev_name)

        # Get device status
        dev_test = accessdb.get_device_from_pk(dev.id)
        self.assertEqual(dev_test is None, False)
        self.assertEqual(dev_test.status, "ON")

        # Create History
        now_time = apitimer.get_now_time_with_second()
        from_status = "OFF"
        to_status = "ON"
        ret = accessdb.insert_history_device_status(dev, from_status, to_status)
        self.assertEqual(ret, True)

        # Get list device
        history_list = accessdb.get_list_history_device_status(dev.id)
        self.assertEqual(len(history_list), 1)
Пример #2
        # Reset list temp for next_time
        data = []
        next_time = next_time + timedelta(minutes=1)

# Thread run video
def threaded_function(cmd):

# Update status of device when raspi was booted
dev_list = accessdb.get_device_list()
for dev in dev_list:
    status = controldev.get_device_status(dev.id)

    # Update status of device
    controldev.update_status_device(dev.id, status)

    # Reset alarm by tem when raspi was booted.

isOn = False
thread = None
while True:

    # Check cam to write to file
    ret = controldev.check_exist_raspivid_process()
    if ret is False: