def main(test=0, CSVFileName='DataSet.csv',
    if csvFile:
        CSVFileName =
    filename = CSVFileName
    data=ImportCSVdata()   #call the Import_CSV module and using its method Input_data import the data set from the CSV file to the tool
    Data = data.Input_data(filename)
    ProcTime = Data.get('ProcessingTimes',[])       #get from the returned Python dictionary the three data sets
    MTTF = Data.get('MTTF',[])
    MTTR = Data.get('MTTR',[])
    CI=ConfidenceIntervals()  #create a Intervals object
    if test:
        return DM.round(CI.ConfidIntervals(ProcTime, 0.95)), CI.ConfidIntervals(MTTR, 0.95), DM.ceiling(CI.ConfidIntervals(MTTF, 0.90))
    #print the confidence intervals of the data sets applying either 90% or 95% probability
    print DM.round(CI.ConfidIntervals(ProcTime, 0.95))
    print DM.ceiling(CI.ConfidIntervals(MTTF, 0.90))
    print CI.ConfidIntervals(MTTR, 0.95)